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Adrian Welsh

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Adrian Welsh

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Adrian Welsh

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Public/Street furniture are like the art pieces on any cityscape canvas. They add weight to any street perspective. They play a very important role in shaping up cities. After the huge success of Urban Chair, we are back with the second edition of Urban Chair design competition and want to offer a chance to the design community to come up with mind-bending new ideas for prototypical urban furniture.

Urban Chair is a design competition with the aim of developing innovative and interactive prototypes for seaters/benches/modules that can be placed in a park, street, plaza or any other kind of outdoor socio-urban zone. Urban furniture is the link between a public space and the people encapsulated within. Community seaters are the catalyst for public interaction as they create a setting for sitting, resting and other similar activities. They are responsible for drawing people together and starting the process of interaction and dialogue.

Street Furniture is an important tool for creating a sense of identity and place making. Effective and quality furniture in a public setup creates an intrinsic relationship between people and urban-scape. Industrial zeitgeist and its mass production methods have eliminated the ‘”design” from the process of creating new furniture. Though it helped in creating a sense of continuity at a macro level, street furniture became obsolete, bleak and rigid.

The competition invites designers to create dynamic furniture to be placed in zones of social and public exchange. The product should be more than just a sitting module and offer multiple ways for users to interact with it. It should become an important symbol for the zone and stimulate greater social interaction among the people.


1st 1,00,000 INR
2nd 60,000 INR
3rd40,000 INR
10 Honorable Mentions

Winners and honorable mentions will be published on archasm’s website and several international architecture magazines and websites partnered by us.

Registration and Timeline

The competition is open to everyone in the world (architects, students, engineers etc.). You can participate individually or in a team. A team can have a maximum of three members only.

Standard Registration 

1st October 2021 to
15th December 2021

International Participants: 60 EUR Per Team*

Indian Participants: 1800 INR Per Team*

Late Registration 

16th December 2021 to
14th January 2022

International Participants: 80 EUR Per Team*

Indian Participants: 2100 INR Per Team*

Submission Deadline

15th January 2022


28th February 2022

*All deadlines are 11:59 PM- 00:00 IST (India). Maxium 3 members per team. 
Fee exclusive of taxes.


15% Discount for 5 teams and above! 

Queries and Questions

All the questions related to the competition can be mailed to us at with ‘FAQ’ as the subject.


Coming Soon.........

Other Competition

1st June 2020  to
31st August 2020
2,00,000 INR