Tokyo Anti-Library | Top 50

We are proud to present the WINNERS and HONORABLE MENTIONS, along with a comprehensive list of the TOP 50 proposals shortlisted by the jury for ‘TOKYO ANTI LIBRARY’ competition. The competition received an overwhelming 220 registrations from all around the world and was a great hit among students and architects alike. The aim of the competition was to create an iconic 21st century ‘public library’ in the city of Tokyo, Japan and debate its role in a ‘digital age’. The proposal was to become a solution to the frequently questioned vitality of a library by enhancing and transforming its capabilities as a ‘knowledge sharing and research prototype’ that will become a model for the future libraries of the world.All the participants’ have shown a breathtaking level of creativity and extraordinary approaches in designing a new library typology. All the top 50 proposals are up for viewing on the website and will be put up shortly on our social media pages and all other media houses partnered by us.