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Third Prize

Mark Fraser

Are U Seeing Nature?

When we climb to the top of a hill we expect to see a beautiful landscape, but when we are exposed to a view that is so vast and with so many elements, are we really seeing it? This proposal questions the act of viewing by selectively revealing views to different natural elements at different moments to gain a better appreciation for nature. As the visitor enters the pavilion, views to the near ground, far ground, sky, and horizon are gradually revealed, allowing each natural element to be experienced and taken in individually.

Nomadic African tribes inspire the proposal’s sustainability strategies. The pavilion uses modular construction, naturally occurring timber, locally made fabrics, and structural system that touches the ground lightly, elevating the visitor above the landscape while also limiting ground disturbance. Materials and construction methods also allow for the reuse in local building projects once disassembled.

The shape of the pavilion is informed by the natural curving symmetry of the hill. By hanging off the hill’s apex, it uses gravitational forces offered by the slope as a method of structural support. Furthermore, the lookout pavilion crowns the hill’s peak, becoming a prominent and proud landmark from a distance while also acting as a reminder for thoughtfulness of the natural world that the pavilion aspires to bring attention to.