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Third Prize

Gauthier Gaillard,
Alice Ravelo de Tovar

Our project calls into question the codes of the traditional library where everything is classified, organized and limited by boundaries. Our desire is to break these codes and blur these boundaries and thus give more room to the expression of the individual. By removing the furniture, the spatial and sensory experience is constantly renewed thanks to the continuous movement of books, information and users. Books and people find themselves at the same level, laid on a new kind of tatami mats. The classification is digital, immaterial. With a tablet we can geolocate the books that interests us but also do research on the internet, listen to music, watch movies etc. The individual appropriates this multifunctional space open 24h/24h.

Japanese architecture regards buildings and nature as one. Our project is a garden with a roof. Spaces in constant evolution adapt to the changes of the environment, as the seasons go by. They are meant to be places of mystery and ambiguity where boundaries are lost. The wall of frosted glass and the garden protect the visitors from the stress of Tokyo, they may forget they are in the city. Here, they leave their objects of city dwellers, take off their shoes, reconnect with nature and escape as reading allows travel.

By abolishing codes and opaque boundaries we seek to reconnect people to each other, to nature and to the act of reading