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Third Prize

Nathavat Kamronrittisorn, Wasin Hemachartwiroon 

Single Classroom

Re-imagine boundary of learning space

What if we can blending activeness of each activities to creating a single lively atmosphere for learning?

The challenge of this school design nowadays is to explore new type of learning spaces that have potential to break the boundary of the classroom merging with play area to create both new learning experience and new level of social interaction.

the project concentrate on the edge of inactive study area with and active study area that parallel to each other, in the middle between these 2 types of area can shape the various range of new activities that can be chosen by the students to use each space based on tension, privacy and activeness of activities they are in. and in every individual space they can absorb the social environment by dynamic and connectivity of space, both visual and physical, to make student feels like they are studying in the big public area that have ever changing state shaping by park users. every single day of study is a new journey for the students.