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Second Prize

Adam Fernandez,
Lizhen Xu

The Cloudy Dune

A Fanbox Land On Copacabana Beach

As a white dune, The Cloudy Dune finds its place among the sand of Copacabana and the rugged terrain of Rio de Janeiro. Translucent by day and luminous at night, it metamorphoses into reflecting the colors of its environment and the events of 2016 Olympics.

The concept is a temporary, light and removable structure to be deployed on any surface to create a Defined space and accessible to everyone. Having little contact with the ground and can accommodate all types of scenes and activities:  projection area, dancing, dining, lounge, beach volleyball, etc. Inside, wooden pallets used to form furniture facilitate this versatility.

Organic and sensitive, The Cloudy Dune resembles a natural lung of air fresh. Under the canvas mesh it offers areas of shade and, through its netting allows moisture from the atmosphere to filter through as condensation.

The mesh on the structure acts as a 360° projection surface, visible on both sides, internally and externally. It creates two viewing zones and uses all its surrounding space to gather the audience.

Its aim is to embrace and radiate around it creating a new public square during the Olympics.