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Third Prize

Laurensia Yap,
Jesslyn Humardani,
Kelly Choi

The Rediscovery Of Traditional Journey

Landmarks in the world are often associated with large-scale, rigid and static icons. However, with the world being in constant evolution, why shouldn’t we explore the contrary? Lightness, flexibility, and variability. The Yenikapi Pop-Up Market proposes a new definition of landmark and market culture. We provide users of the site with a flexible environment to break the monotonous habit of a mundane activity such as shopping or commuting, by allowing the users to explore the ever-changing journey of the marketplace.
The facade is created from textile, a flexible and versatile material. Numerous different-patterned textiles, that come from textile waste/discarded textiles, are used to celebrate the culturally-rich city of Istanbul. These textiles also function as a shelter, shade, using different transparencies to create privacy, and as an interactive element to encourage sensuous experience. Our display units are designed to be modular, allowing it to be easily assembled onto the grid structure. The spaces can be rearranged to suit the needs of the users or the different times/day and seasons/weather.
We based our design on a grid layout to reflect the natural typology of a traditional bazaar and breaking it up to create a more organic typology. Different roof heights define different functions, where higher ceiling are communal spaces. The voids in the market blocks are places where people can gather and rest. The Yenikapi Pop-Up Market introduces a new experience for the 5 human senses altogether, at any time of the year.