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Third Prize

Minh Phuc Nguyen,
Linh Phuong Phan,
Son Cong Trinh

Paris is known as a city of emotion, a thriving blend of arts, literature, romance, cuisine and above all dreams. Taste is intricately bound in memories, we want to create a noticeable destination upon the River Seine, an exploration of cuisine through the imagery of a cloud as a poetic symbol of Parisian dreamers, suspended in the sky. An ambiguous space accentuated by the pursuit of minimalistic and honest design, contrasting with the surrounding urban fabric. Thereby, encouraging interaction between diners and observers from the outside and by erasing boundaries we maintain the poignant atmosphere of being beside the Seine.

– Our concept is derived from French dining culture – simple planes and the outdoors.

-The kitchen, service and private dining box are outlined in one way vision and switchable glass allowing an electric mix of colours, playing on visibility.

– Elevating the private dining box outlines the reception below.

– THE LANDSCAPE IS THE HEART OF THE RESTAURANT. THE stepping floors allow for uninterrupted views to the river for all. DISABLED PEOPLE CAN MOVE EASILY.

-The kitchen is the CENTER of the restaurant, switchable glass draws the attention of diners to cooking processes. A theatrical ‘show’ controlled by the chefs.

-Space is demarcated by thin steel columns supporting the building and ETFE ‘cloud’.

-Naked glass box encloses the entirety protecting against the elements, also erasing interior/exterior boundaries.

-Internally lit ETFE balloons control solar gain whilst maximizing translucency to the sky. The energy efficient balloons harvest rainwater for use in the restaurant services; a ‘cloud’ which produces rain.

– one way vision glass



We started the design with a team of passionate architects. Teamwork is always the practice’s culture. we together were brainstorming, discussing, bubbling to explore the project and seek for ideas. In parallel, we did a lot of researches, studies about France’s culture, the surrounding architecture, traditional way and contemporary way of having food, the art, the neighbor to make sure that the design would not be disconnected with the context.

We developed the ideas with physical models. We tested on various scales in order to understand the relationship between human and space. In additional, we also developed with hand sketches as we believed those were the best ways to create emotion and explore our own creativity.

We pinned up and had regular design review sessions within the team. Everyone had a chance to present and defend their ideas to others. In return, constructive feedback would be given in order to improve the ideas better. We then decided which option to be kept and to be removed. Or we could combine all good aspects into one scheme to develop further.

Our design focus was Emotion. We believed that Architecture should have connection with People through Emotion. When a space, a building could touch People’s Hearts, it succeeded. The Experience that People went through would be unforgettable.

The Competition has brought a great experience to the Design team. We have had chances to explore a new way of experience for Restaurant design.