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Second Prize

Tony Ip,
Cheuk Ming Cheung,
Lap Shing Sy

Lettuce Go-round

Restaurant revolution starts due to climate change.


The food industry behind restaurants counts for a large portion of the global ecological footprint: traditional agriculture, transportation and restaurants themselves. Yet, a huge amount of food is wasted every day. It’s time to change. We need a sustainable model.


The restaurant is not merely a place to eat, but also where your food is farmed, cooked and presented to you. Growing along a river, the network of farm-restaurant produces regional food and provides farm-to-table dining experience to the diners. Dining becomes an experience to see, to touch, to smell, to taste and to farm – a sensory journey to learn about your food. The collaboration within the network ensures the diversity of food product they share, at the same time allows every farm-restaurant to optimise the environment for an individual product. Vegetation can be lettuce, potato, tomato, eggplant, etc.

Lettuce-go-round is composed of a place for farming and a place for dining. The building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) operable glass facades allow natural light to penetrate deep inside, providing solar energy to the vertical farm. The central stack enhances air movement and facilitates cross ventilation.


Innovative technology allows such system to produce quality food more efficiently than traditional agriculture, diminishing the carbon footprint for food transportation.

Aeroponics planting system is embedded into the 6-meter tall racks. Each of them provides 2 days of supplies. The staff cycle through the rack to harvest and replant the product. The racks revolve at a 12-hour cycle to provide shading to regulate the interior temperature. Each of them also rotates in a 60 minutes cycle to optimise sun exposure and ventilation.


Tony Ip Green Architects Ltd.

Welcome to where the green matters most! Tony Ip Green Architects ( are architects who specialize in sustainable design and strive to limit global warming.

Based in Hong Kong, our interdisciplinary and integrated expertise and experience drive us to achieve de-carbonizing, regenerative, climate resilient and cost-effective urban, architectural and interior design ideas and project execution, especially in high-density high-rise urban contexts. 

Our scopes of services include urban design, master planning, architectural design and execution, zero carbon building design, facade design, existing building upgrading, interior design and build, and green material innovation, together with sustainable design and green professionals input throughout the whole project process.