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Second Prize

Hankang Jin,
Dinullah Bayu Ibrahim


Peace is a state when people feel safe to live their life. It is soft and approachable. In the other hand, chaos is a state when everything is unpredictable and causing anxiety in the society. Chaos could grows fast and creates bigger cumulative anxiety. It keeps growing until it pops the delicate peace bubble. The peace force from outside will try to help hold them firmly to not spread further. While, Spirit for the peace from inside the chaos starts to spring to recover themselves. Some more will follow inside the other parts. But although they do as much as they could, there will always be some wound left in their life.

SANCTUM is a safe place to found peace. Through a story-telling approach, SANCTUM presents the idea of peace by contrasting it with chaos. The story of peace and chaos is built and produces a multi-layered structure. Located in a very iconic place, Spaces of SANCTUM is arranged according to the strong linear axis of Champ de Mars, between Eiffel tower and Ecole Miliatire.
As a pavilion, the space divided into 5 spaces, exhibition corridor and inner sanctum as story-telling focused spaces, and cafe, lounge, and workshop as function focused spaces. The focus of SANCTUM is the inner sanctum. It is a very pure space with an olive tree in the centre as a symbol of peace.
The facade of Sanctum is translucent surface that makes a multi-layered look together with the inner chaotic part of the pavilion. The exhibition corridor along the perimeter of inner sanctum is situated in the chaos atmosphere. Also the workshop and lounge is placed in the chaotic part. The cafe is oriented to the eiffel which is the focal point of the place