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Third Prize

Gianmarco Fabbri, Omar Mario Di Lullo, Carlotta Illing Arizti 

The Mirror

What‘s more contemporary then taking a look at our society and making that society architecture? What is architecture if not an expression of culture and society?

„The Mirror“ is conceived as a shiny urban accessory which leads people to be part of the design, to look to and through themselves, dressing the pavilion. It is a communication forum where thanks to different spaces fashion deals with people and people react to fashion.

Fashion and architecture are constantly changing, which is why „The Mirror“ consists of volumes that adapt to the moment by creating a freely compostable and flexible space.

This makes it possible to place the cubes individually as satellites, for example at the Milan Piazza Duomo, as an active advertisement for the forum in the park.

„The Mirror“ shows Milan‘s industrial face. Elegant, dark mirror glass deals with a simple scaffolding like the fashion world does with daily life. During the day the glass facade reflects the surroundings and visitors of the forum, while by night it reveals the interiors soft shapes which remind of textiles.

No matter where THE MIRROR is, it will always be dressed by movements, events, people, fashion – in other words by society.

The project is composed by four volumes; each volume provides different functions and atmospheres and all of them together creates a Media Forum, where fashion, people and communication meet.

The FORUM offers space for temporary exhibitions by various designers, providing a platform for established and debuting fashion houses.

The “ON AIR” CAFÈ offers the opportunity to everyone to take part of the broadcasted interviews and talk shows on fashion topics.

LEARN describes an educational space involving interested visitors into the theoretical aspects and making processes of fashion.

THE STUDIO is a flexible space for fashion conferences, talkshows and workshops.