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First Prize

The design reconstruct the domino system which originated in Le Corbusier theory , replace column grid with a tube space as a support system, and form a quiet place surrounded by tube space . It form the open exchange channel with the environment around by the cutting of the first floor space. Interior space constitute a loop-through flow line via the module space split, and connecting vertical transportation. Central surrounded space is the spirit of knowledge museum place, providing people with a diversity of exchange activities, leisure and so on. In the vertical direction, design shading by overhanging veranda outside,which connected by vertical ramp, eventually leading to the roof. The roof that form by the sunken forest plaza , provide people with knowledge exchange and sharing of outdoor venues.

Building space is connected through different basic unit,and communicating with the outside veranda. Any space not only can be used as the starting point of the flow line,but also to be used as the end point of the flow lines.Modulus of space is chose between 10mx10m to 20mx20m, and accommodated the diversity of design features needs.

The site continue of the skyline of the surrounding Assembly. Design use of the upper and lower 6m and 18m construction conditions,and make the function concentrate partition, wherein the upper part being four layers, the lower part being one layer. The knowledge centers and social recreational and other functions place on the upper and lower main to be museum functions. Design utilizes east road and site elevation form a semi-sunken plaza entrance. Patches on both sides of the building and the building echoes the forest, the south entrance of the existing plaza connected, surrounded by outdoor plaza and through the internal courtyard.

Building fully account of the climate adaptation strategies. It make the heat exporting through the lower space opening, and form a good ventilation environment; the forest square of the roof adequately play the role of insulated effect , on the other hand, the outside veranda satisfy the construction shading measures.

Design select traditional concrete material, and different colorful material in local space.It form  sculptural interface in the interior courtyard . light is projected through the roof of the forest garden and the surrounding concrete interface, and people shuttling in the courtyard space, by the light of baptism, as the same as knowledge infect to humanity. Design pursuit of the eternal as the theme, and want to continue reflections on Le Corbusier thinking about dialogue between light and space , interpretation the poetry of light through the material with time change.