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Third Prize

Andrea Costa

The project aims to offer a special and unique cinema experience, bringing people together and revealing what’s behind the screen. 360˚ wants to break the classic idea of the open-air projection that follows a mono-directional relation between movie and spectator. The shape of the pavilion generates the possibility to arrange 3 screens in a way that a movie can be watched 360°. The projectors are placed in the corners, crossing their projection stream, but without interfering with each other. The position of the projectors determines the design of the structure while it also underlines the spatial strength of the triangular shape of the pavilion.

Moreover, the modular construction allows a certain flexibility of functions. The cinema can eventually work as bar and as a space for lectures or events. In the first case the screens are removed and a plane is positioned along the perimeter of the structure. While to arrange a lecturing space, the screens are rearranged, leaving one side of the pavilion open and finally more metallic rods are added in the central bottom part to support a temporary layer that will work as a stage.

In terms of assembly, the idea is that the pavilion could be easily built and transported anywhere. The design consists in a structure that supports 3 cinema screens. The project is made of few light and easily transportable elements: metal joint, metal rods, metal feet, hooks, and finally small concrete plinths for the foundations.

In terms of construction, the metal dice is the key of the project. Every other element is attached to it thanks to a tightening system. With its holes, the dices determine the direction of the metal rods; allow the hooks to support the screen and finally control the way the pavilion touches the ground.