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Second Prize

Kamil Lipski,
Wojciech Pisula,
Agnieszka Słota

Capturing The Ephemeral

Cinema is an intimate experience. Cinema enriches our existence. Cinema represents what is ephemeral.And so does our pavilion.

Our proposal, though subtle, delicate and impermanent in its material and form, provides invigorating, dramatic and intense experience. Pavilion attracts by its mysteriousness. In order to discover the hidden value one needs to come deep into the heart of the structure. The journey to the depths of pavilion’s cloudy translucence begins with crossing the subtle and delicate boundary between interior and exterior.

After entering the pavilion truly sensorial game begins. It takes place in between layers of cloth, where subconscious presence of sand and the proximity of sea deepen rich palette of sensual experiences. This space serves as flexible gathering zone which may adapt to different needs and activities. In here, with accompanying smell and sound of the sea, social and artistic exchange takes place.

Three layers of moveable cloths hide the central spot of the pavilion – the screening area. This space guarantees intimate experiences and emotional discovering of the cinema, while gentle waves flowing into the space remind of seaside reality. It is the place where ephemerality meets ephemeral.