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Second Prize

Advait Potnis,
Vatsal Upadhyay

Bollywood Odyssey

‘So when I say form follows fiction, I really mean let’s look for what is before function. Because before functions there are stories, there is culture, there is fiction’

-Bernard Tschumi

The idea of form is as important to ‘Cinema’ as is to ‘Architecture’ & therefore by questioning it, the project tries to establish a metaphoric link between the two. ‘Bollywood Odyssey’ subverts the idea of pure form in architecture in order to question the essentialization of Indian Cinema as ‘Bollywood’.

The idea of exemplary form is subverted by bottom up design method which starts with a trefoil organization diagram. The trefoil module (48MX48M) works as an open loop which allows both the private & public programs to co-exist seamlessly. The module revolves to grow incrementally around a central core which opens up to the panoramic view of the maximum city. The central core with its 12 elevators & couple of staircases takes care of the private movement & the scenic elevators on the periphery make it easily accessible to the public. Large span column free volumes (60MX60M) which function as production studios are inserted between two modules, which invariably create a ground like condition (urbanscapes) in the sky above the studio levels. This resultant organization thus creates a public domain at every level in comparison to a typical high-rise with public space only at ground level.

The organization transforms into an ‘A–Formal’ architecture when it fuses with varied programmatic components like film institute, film archives, media centers, corporate production offices, IMAX Dome theatre, preview theaters etc.

The ferry terminal at ground level, easily accessible urbanscapes, the city premier screen, popular artefacts like ferries wheel & glass skywalk helps to subvert the idea of Bollywood from something exclusive to an art form rooted in ‘syncretic Indian culture’.

The tower thus offers a pluralistic cultural experience & space where the cinema would intersect everyday life to create fiction by blending elements of reality & fantasy.