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Second Prize

Ugur Yildirim Simsek,
Utku Akcay

It was quite fascinating to find out how hard it is to design something in Amsterdam. Every single piece of design can easily become disrespectful to the existing beauty of the city. At the end we found ourselves just looking to the streets, facades, people, and boats of this magnificent city and decided that “We cannot possibly add or subtract anything from this lovely composition”. Only thing we might be able to do is to frame it, elegantly, respectfully, harmlessly, for everyone to appreciate. The frame is not only a bridge (everybody can build bridges) but also a philosophical statement about Vincent Van Gogh. It allowed us to add another dimension to the painting: time. The main question was “How did he see?” How did Vincent saw Amsterdam? How did he imagined, dreamed, experienced? The bridge is a slice taken from Vincent’s eyes and built up to exhibit it to the public. The Filter inside the frame is a seethrough glass, molded to recreate Gogh’s painting technique and behind this filter is Amsterdam itself. When light passes through it gets broken in such a way that it creates the visual effect of Van Gogh’s style. So whatever is at the opposite side of the frame from your position gets “painted” The Bridge creates a 24/7 painting of live Amsterdam and its people. The bridges main purpose is to let the viewers, guests, visitors, and travelers see from the Vincent’s eyes. Introduce a new way of experiencing the city. Emphasize the beauty of the elements of the composition. At the end, make them aware of where they are, where they live.