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Nature is the art of God.

-Dante Alighieri

Considered as one of the most photographed landscapes in the world, The Wave is a beautiful sculpture created by the forces of wind and water, and lots of time. The Wave is a design of sandstone hallways set in a palette of some of the most defining colors of nature. The rippling symmetry of line, the myriad variations of earth tones of brown, beige, yellow, pink and maroon, and the gravity-defying rock formations surrounding it are outlandish and ethereal.

The Wave consists of intersecting U-shaped troughs that have been eroded into Navajo Sandstone of Jurassic age. This unique cluster began as sand dunes, which eventually compacted and solidified into sandstone over 200 million years ago. While the Wave is a popular destination among hikers and photographers, a few lucky ones get the chance to actually visit it since the authority limits the number of people due to the fragile nature of the rock formation.

The aim of the competition is to design a free-standing resting shelter/camping structure in the heart of The Wave that would give hikers/photographers new ways to spend more time, experience nature and rest after long hiking expeditions. The proposal must be a poetic response for a permanent/semi-permanent structure in a very sensitive environment that would become the ‘eyes and ears’ for visitors who want to connect with the natural ecosystem and reflect upon nature in its true spirit.


1st 1,00,000 INR
2nd 60,000 INR
3rd40,000 INR
10 Honorable Mentions

Winners and honorable mentions will be published on archasm’s website and several international architecture magazines and websites partnered by us.

Registration and Timeline

Early Registration 

1st July 2020 to
31st August 2020

Foreign Nationals: 60 EUR Per Team*

Indian Nationals: 1800 INR Per Team*

Standard Registration 

1st September 2020 to
29th September 2020

Foreign Nationals: 80 EUR Per Team*

Indian Nationals: 2100 INR Per Team*

Submission Deadline

30th September 2020


25th October 2020

*All deadlines are 11:59 PM- 00:00 IST (India). Maxium 3 members per team. 
Fee exclusive of taxes.


15% Discount for 5 teams and above! 

Queries and Questions

All the questions related to the competition can be mailed to us at with ‘FAQ’ as the subject.


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Adrian Welsh

e-architects Magazine

Adrian Welsh

e-architects Magazine

Adrian Welsh

e-architects Magazine

Other Competition

1st June 2020  to
31st August 2020
2,00,000 INR