Bollywood Reimagined – Film City Tower | Winners


Jagoda Nowakowska, Magdalena Skop, Monika Woźniak (POLAND)

The building as Spectacle was a very interesting idea – Shrouded in a translucent curtain of water subtly revealing the colorful layers of the program beyond. A not-so-subtle but well executed reference to traditional architectural motifs re-imagined in a contemporary form.

-Cyrus Patel

The building makes such a bold statement that is difficult to ignore, complying with the notion of an icon or a landmark. The amalgamation of traditionalism with contemporary form produces an interesting result, that completely transforms itself with the passing of the day. The dynamism of volume and sensory experience defined its winning prospects.

-Amit Gupta


Advait Potnis, Vatsal Upadhyay (INDIA)

The form of the building is secondary to a fun/ playful programmatic exercise that prioritizes the public domain and its direct engagement with the program. Wish it could still result in a slightly better looking building though!

-Cyrus Patel

The proposal is a dramatic building and it has a good structure to accommodate all crazy ideas to be developed. The layout explains the project like a comic storytelling which emphasize its shape.

– Rafael González del castillo Sancho



A strong yet elegant formal identity –  allowing the functions inside to detatch from the skin to create interesting spaces within. Also one of the only projects to even address sustainability.


-Cyrus Patel


A unique approach to the briefs, portrayed in a clear and resolved functional program, with a strong sustainable discourse.

-Amit Gupta