• How many people can form a team in the competition?
    Maximum number of team members in a team can be 3 only, and not more than that. However, you can also take part individually.
  • Is the Paris River Side Restaurant Competition Open Only For Students?
    Professionals or practicing architects can also take part in this competition. 
  • Is it possible to participate as a team composed of two architect students and one surveyor trainee?
    Yes, this is possible.
  • Is it possible to connect the overlooking pedestrian crossing with the project area?
    No, this is not possible, since everything proposed/designed should be within the site limits.
  • What is the purpose and viability of the street Port de la Bourdonnais?
    It serves as an access/service lane. Also Eiffel tower can be clearly viewed from this street.
  • Can we get the water from the seine river inside our site / landmass and include it in our design?
    Yes, this is possible. But everything proposed should be within the site limits.
  • Should the team members have a particular nation?
    It is not necessary for all the team members to be from the same country. They can be residents of different countries.
  • Are there any height restrictions?
    Participants are allowed to build up to a height of 12 meters above the ground.
  • The area mentioned (500 square meters) is the ground coverage or the built-up area?
    500 square meters is the maximum cumulative floor area for all the floors.
  • In the brief the restroom area states = 30 meters, should it be sq.m?
    Yes, that is 30 square meters.
  • “The extension cannot be detached or floating on the water.” What does this mean?
    You are only allowed to extend a cantilever structure above the water, without any structure or any part of the building penetrating the water.
  • What all activities could be provided on the extension on water?
    It is up to the participants only. You are free to incorporate any kind of activity on the extension.
  • How much extension can we provide on the water?
    It is up to the participants, how much they want to extend. But you cannot go beyond the projection limit. (For projection limit please refer to the AutoCad drawing)